Carpet adhesive

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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Easy to use and rapid drying
Adjustable nozzle for maximum control
Perfect for fixing loose carpet tiles
For interior use
Easy to Apply

EVO-STIK Carpet Adhesive is an easy to use, rapid drying adhesive that’s applied direct from the can using an adjustable spray nozzle. It provides a strong, flexible bond for many applications where a conventional adhesive would be too difficult to apply. It will bond all types of foam backed carpets, underfelt, carpet tiles, fabrics, cork and felt to a variety of surfaces.

Suitable materials: For bonding all types of foam backed carpets, underfelt, carpet tiles, fabrics, cork and felt to a variety of substrates.

Sizes: 500ml.

Coverage: Approx. 3.5m² per can in a single coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

The adhesive remains ‘wet’ for 15 to 25 minutes. Check that floor coverings are bedded down securely after 2 hours.

Hold the can 12-18cm away from surfaces to be sprayed and ensure that an even coat is applied to both surfaces. Allow the adhesive to become tacky (1-3 minutes) and then press the two surfaces together firmly. Some very porous surfaces may require two coats and drying times may be longer.