Multi-purpose silicone sealant

Available colours
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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
Waterproof and mould resistant
Does not crack, shrink or discolour
Suitable for interior and exterior use
Mould Resistant

EVO-STIK Multi-Purpose Silicone Sealant is a high quality sealant suitable for interior and exterior use. It contains a fungicide to prevent mould and is ideal for bathroom and kitchen applications such as jointing between tiles and baths, basins, shower trays, kitchen worktops and stainless steel sink tops.

Suitable materials: Non-porous surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and ceramics, as well as plastic baths and fittings.

Sizes: C20 cartridge.

Coverage: Approx. 10m of a 6mm diameter bead per cartridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

EVO-STIK Multi-Purpose Silicone Sealant will last 24 months from the date of manufacture when stored in a cool, dry place within the temperature range 5°C to 25°C, and out of direct sunlight.

It cannot be overpainted.

Application works best when in a warm, well-ventilated area. Joint surfaces must be clean, dry, sound and free from dust and other contaminants that may impair adhesion.

Depending on thickness and local conditions, EVO-STIK Multi-Purpose Silicone Sealant typically takes 2-3 days for full cure.